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British Made Cats & Dogs Charm Collection

Our charms are 100% British Made and showcase our designs and  original British designs from the 50's, 60's and 70's. Charms are the most wonderful little treasures - moving, opening, working, or static each one is absolutely charming! 


Felix The Cat Charm - Mirabelle JewelleryFelix The Cat Charm - Mirabelle Jewellery
Felix The Cat Charm Sale priceFrom $32.00
Egyptian Cat Charm - Mirabelle JewelleryEgyptian Cat Charm
Egyptian Cat Charm Sale priceFrom $19.81
Large Dachshund Charm - Mirabelle JewelleryLarge Dachshund Charm - Mirabelle Jewellery
Large Dachshund Charm Sale price$36.86
St Bernard Charm - Mirabelle JewellerySt Bernard Charm - Mirabelle Jewellery
Bulldog Charm - Mirabelle JewelleryBulldog Charm - Mirabelle Jewellery
Bulldog Charm Sale price$38.40
Witch on Broom Charm HalloweenWitch on Broom Charm Halloween
Clown Dog CharmClown Dog Charm
Clown Dog Charm Sale price$57.60
Cat Ring British Made - Mirabelle JewelleryLarge Cat Ring British Made