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03/10/2019Comments: 0
@francescatroiano wears the Hexagon Small Earrings We've been keeping an eye on our #mirabellemuses on Instagram, and they've been busy styling our jewellery for the new season! Read on to get some inspiration for your autumn jewellery box...   ..
26/09/2019Comments: 0
Thinking about Autumn can bring some pleasant thoughts, and the symbolic meanings are more profound that you may think. Ancient cultures, science and astrology have associated many aspects of this beautiful season to human life. These symbolic associations are powerful reminders that Mother Nature has an incredible influence on our lives. Read on to learn more...   ..
19/09/2019Comments: 0
Crystals for peace and calm could help you better handle stress or life challenges. Discover five crystals to assist you in inviting more peaceful energy and tranquility into your life or home.   ..
12/09/2019Comments: 0
Shop the Moon Star Medal A Harvest Moon is the full moon that occurs nearest to the Autumnal Equinox. A tradition associated with a harvest moon is to recognise its symbolism of a new beginning, coming after hard work and dedication. Visually, the Harvest Moon is a heavenly sight to behold, as it typically appears bigger, brighter and more colourful that your average full moon due to its plac..
05/09/2019Comments: 0
@marta_rocha wearing the Iris Creole Earrings with Sapphire The Sapphire is the birthstone for the month of September. The name Sapphire is derived from the Latin word 'saphirus' and the Greek word 'sapheiros', both meaning blue. Read on to learn the key facts of the highly-regarded gemstone.   ..
29/08/2019Comments: 0
The Sun has long been a symbol of power, growth, health, passion and the cycle of life in many cultures and religions throughout time. Some believe it is a representation of the higher self, while others see the sun as a God to be worshipped. Read on to learn more about how different cultures perceive the sun.   ..
22/08/2019Comments: 0
Crystals have energy properties that can work with our own energy systems. Each Crystal is different and carries a different healing quality. Read on to learn about our 4 newest crystals in our Crystal Cave Collection.   ..
15/08/2019Comments: 0
Shop the Moon Star Medal The Full Moon that appears in August is called the Sturgeon Moon. Native Americans gave it this name since the Sturgeon fish were abundant during this month, especially in the Great Lakes and other major bodies of water. Read on to learn about 3 different symbols for August's Full Moon.   ..
08/08/2019Comments: 0
Peridot is the birthstone for August. The Egyptians called it the 'gem of the sun', due to it's yellow hues and translucent qualities. Read on to learn more about this unqiue gemstone.   ..
01/08/2019Comments: 0
It is now high summer and the union of Sun and Earth, God and Goddess, has produced the First Harvest. Lammas is the celebration of this first grain harvest, a time for gathering together and giving thanks for abundance. Read on to learn more about the symbols that represent this harvest festival.   ..
25/07/2019Comments: 0
@francescatroiano wearing the Hexagon Earrings Our Mirabelle Muses have been busy styling our jewellery. Get some inspiration for your summer styling from their latest looks...   ..
18/07/2019Comments: 0
When the moon enters its fullest phase each month, we should all take time to reflect, renew and ready ourselves for the month ahead.    ..
11/07/2019Comments: 0
Festivals are a place where you can wear whatever you like, whether it be your normal wardrobe or something different, bought for this particular occasion. We have gathered our must-have jewellery pieces for you to accessorize your outfit with.   ..
July Birthstone - 6 Properties of Ruby
04/07/2019Comments: 0
One of the most esteemed stones in the gemstone world is the July Birthstone, which is Ruby. It's a traditional gemstone for the month of July in most cultures around the world.   ..
27/06/2019Comments: 0
The gardens are blooming and summer is in full swing, ready to enjoy the celebrations of Midsummer. Also called Litha, this summer solstice Sabbat honors the longest day of the year. Depending on your spiritual path, there are many different ways you can celebrate Litha, but the focus is nearly always on celebrating the power of the sun.    ..
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