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Article: 3 Green Crystals for the Heart Chakra

3 Green Crystals for the Heart Chakra

The Heart Chakra is associated with the colour green, which symbolises health, prosperity and abundance. The colour Green balances our energies, increases love, empathy and compassion. Green is also the colour for August, as the birthstone for this month is Peridot. Read on to learn about the properties of 3 of our favourite green crystals.

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Emerald is a calming, balancing stone which is great for relationships. It is said to represent love and good fortune, and will strengthen unity in partnerships and friendships. It will open and stimulate the heart chakra and can be used to clear negative energies.

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Green Onyx
Green Onyx is one variation of onyx stone. It aids physical healing, abundance, fertility, growth, youth, material success, renewal, endurance, balance, dependence and friendship. It can be used for relaxation and stimulating creativity.

The Peridot is a very old gemstone, and one which has become very popular again today. It is so ancient that it can be found in Egyptian jewellery from the early 2nd millennium B.C.. Peridot is a stone with a strong energising effect, it stimulates the entire body and fills you with energy.