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All British Made Charms

Our charms are 100% British Made and showcase our designs and  original British designs from the 50's, 60's and 70's. Charms are the most wonderful little treasures - moving, opening, working, or static each one is absolutely charming! 


St Christopher Large Triangle Pendant - Mirabelle JewellerySt Christopher Large Triangle Pendant
Good Luck Charm Pendant With Gourmet Flat ChainGood Luck Charm Pendant With Gourmet Flat Chain
Vintage British Medal Pendant On Short Baby Belcher ChainVintage British Medal Pendant On Short Baby Belcher Chain
Snail Charm - Mirabelle JewellerySnail Charm
Snail Charm Sale priceFrom £25.00
Felix The Cat Charm - Mirabelle JewelleryFelix The Cat Charm - Mirabelle Jewellery
Felix The Cat Charm Sale priceFrom £25.00
Horse Shoe XS CharmHorse Shoe XS Charm - Mirabelle Jewellery
Horse Shoe XS Charm Sale priceFrom £30.00
Robin Charm on Rollo ChainRobin Charm on Rollo Chain
Robin Charm - Mirabelle JewelleryRobin Charm
Robin Charm Sale price£45.00
Large Pear CharmLarge Pear Charm - Mirabelle Jewellery
Large Pear Charm Sale price£60.00
Spiderweb Charm - Mirabelle JewellerySpiderweb Charm - Mirabelle Jewellery
Spiderweb Charm Sale priceFrom £39.00
Marta Cross Small CharmMarta Cross Small Charm
Marta Cross Small Charm Sale priceFrom £42.00
Merkabah Pendant on Simple ChainMerkabah Pendant on Simple Chain
Angel Medal British MadeAngel Medal British Made
Angel Medal British Made Sale price£80.00
Lion Charm - Mirabelle JewelleryLion Charm - Mirabelle Jewellery
Lion Charm Sale price£39.00
Bulldog Charm - Mirabelle JewelleryBulldog Charm - Mirabelle Jewellery
Bulldog Charm Sale price£30.00
On saleLadybird Charm - Mirabelle JewelleryLadybird Charm - Mirabelle Jewellery
Large Ladybird Charm Sale price£22.50 Regular price£45.00
Pineapple Charm British madePineapple Charm British made
Pineapple Charm British made Sale priceFrom £30.00
Starfish Charm - Mirabelle JewelleryStarfish Charm - Mirabelle Jewellery
Starfish Charm Sale priceFrom £36.00
Anchor with Chain Charm - Mirabelle JewelleryAnchor with Chain Charm
Anchor with Chain Charm Sale priceFrom £45.00
Anchor with Rope Charm - Mirabelle JewelleryAnchor with Rope Charm - Mirabelle Jewellery
Anchor with Rope Charm Sale priceFrom £39.00
Sailing Boat Mini CharmSailing Boat Mini Charm
Sailing Boat Mini Charm Sale priceFrom £42.00
Camel Charm - Mirabelle JewelleryCamel Charm - Mirabelle Jewellery
Camel Charm Sale priceFrom £36.00
Elephant Charm - Mirabelle JewelleryElephant Charm - Mirabelle Jewellery
Elephant Charm Sale priceFrom £36.00
Large Crocodile CharmLarge Crocodile Charm
Large Crocodile Charm Sale priceFrom £63.00
Lizard Charm - Mirabelle JewelleryLizard Charm - Mirabelle Jewellery
Lizard Charm Sale priceFrom £13.20
Scorpion Charm - Mirabelle JewelleryScorpion Charm - Mirabelle Jewellery
Scorpion Charm Sale priceFrom £30.00
Palm Tree Charm - Mirabelle JewelleryPalm Tree Charm - Mirabelle Jewellery
Palm Tree Charm Sale priceFrom £39.00
Leaping Hare Small Charm - Mirabelle JewelleryLeaping Hare Small Charm
Leaping Hare Small Charm Sale priceFrom £39.00
Rabbit Large Charm - Mirabelle JewelleryRabbit Large Charm - Mirabelle Jewellery
Rabbit Large Charm Sale priceFrom £42.00
Squirrel Charm - Mirabelle JewellerySquirrel Charm - Mirabelle Jewellery
Squirrel Charm Sale priceFrom £36.00
Pig Charm - Mirabelle JewelleryPig Charm - Mirabelle Jewellery
Pig Charm Sale priceFrom £42.00
On saleDragonfly CharmDragonfly Charm - Mirabelle Jewellery
Dragonfly Charm Sale priceFrom £15.00 Regular price£29.00
Sold outOn saleRose Pendant with Green Onyx - Mirabelle JewelleryRose Pendant with Green Onyx - Mirabelle Jewellery
Rose Pendant with Green Onyx Sale price£60.00 Regular price£120.00
Artist Paint Brush Charm - Mirabelle JewelleryArtist Paint Brush Charm
Artist Paint Brush Charm Sale priceFrom £30.00
Garden Tools Wheelbarrow Charm - Mirabelle JewelleryGarden Tools Wheelbarrow Charm - Mirabelle Jewellery
Garden Tools Wheelbarrow Charm Sale priceFrom £36.00
Garden Tools Ladder Charm - Mirabelle JewelleryGarden Tools Ladder Charm - Mirabelle Jewellery
Garden Tools Ladder Charm Sale priceFrom £36.00
Flying Dove Large Charm - Mirabelle JewelleryFlying Dove Large Charm
Flying Dove Large Charm Sale priceFrom £45.00
Flying Dove Small Charm - Mirabelle JewelleryFlying Dove Small Charm
Flying Dove Small Charm Sale priceFrom £42.00
On saleStork with Baby Charm - Mirabelle JewelleryStork with Baby Charm - Mirabelle Jewellery
Stork with Baby Charm Sale priceFrom £20.00 Regular price£39.00
On saleLarge Swan Charm - Mirabelle JewelleryLarge Swan Charm - Mirabelle Jewellery
Large Swan Charm Sale price£39.00 Regular price£78.00
Small Swan Charm - Mirabelle JewellerySmall Swan Charm - Mirabelle Jewellery
Small Swan Charm Sale priceFrom £36.00
Tiny Bird Charm - Mirabelle JewelleryTiny Bird Charm
Tiny Bird Charm Sale priceFrom £36.00
On saleMagnificent Horse Head Charm - Mirabelle JewelleryMagnificent Horse Head Charm
Magnificent Horse Head Charm Sale price£21.00 Regular price£42.00
On saleHorse Head in the Wind Charm - Mirabelle JewelleryHorse Head in the Wind Charm
Horse Head in the Wind Charm Sale price£22.50 Regular price£45.00
Egyptian Cat Charm - Mirabelle JewelleryEgyptian Cat Charm
Egyptian Cat Charm Sale priceFrom £15.48
Large Dachshund Charm - Mirabelle JewelleryLarge Dachshund Charm - Mirabelle Jewellery
Large Dachshund Charm Sale price£28.80
St Bernard Charm - Mirabelle JewellerySt Bernard Charm - Mirabelle Jewellery
St Bernard Dog Charm Sale price£45.00
On saleLondon Bus Charm - Mirabelle JewelleryLondon Bus Charm
London Bus Charm Sale priceFrom £15.00 Regular price£30.00