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Article: 2 Birthstones for October & Their Properties

2 Birthstones for October & Their Properties

October is associated with 2 different birthstones - Opal and Tourmaline. Both can be different colours and each have their own special properties.

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Opal enkindles optimism, enthusiasm and creativity, and it allows for the release of inhibitions inspiring love and passion. It enhances cosmic consciousness and stimulates flashes of intuition and insight, yet is a protective stone for deep inner work and meditations.

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Tourmaline is a wonderful stone, with a colour for each of the main Chakras. Excellent channeling stone for communication with higher forces. It helps to break up energy blockages, which we mentally experience as anxiety, stress or confusion. Tourmaline helps you to move beyond limited thinking, to an expanded sense of reality, and see past experiences in new ways. It teaches us that we are light beings in physical form, and helps us to experience the physical and spiritual worlds as one.