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Article: 3 Symbolisms of Blue

3 Symbolisms of Blue

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The colour blue is one of the most universally-appealing colours on the spectrum. It is a versatile colour that can indicate a wide range of emotions and feelings depending on the shade. Read on the learn about three of its meanings....

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Trust & Dependability
For a long time, many have associated the colour blue with trust, respect and dependability. It makes people feel safe and secure and can give the impression of a calming authority.

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The colour blue has long been associated with calmness and tranquility. Many meditation studios take advantage of it's power to induce a feeling of peace and use the colour blue to increase the effects of the practice.

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Blue has long been associated with both emotional and general intelligence. It can also help concentration, improve the ability to study and retain what is learned, and can enhance mental clarity. It seems the blue can stimulate the mind, while also relaxing the body.