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Article: 5 Crystals for Valentine's Day

5 Crystals for Valentine's Day

There are many powerful and love-enhancing crystals that can be helpful when it comes to self-love, finding your ideal partner or boosting your confidence, it is said that they can also strengthen a relationship that you're already committed to. 

Read on to find which crystals can attract love and romance, whether you're single or in a relationship.


Rose Quartz for Self-Love & Compassion

The Rose Quartz energy acts as a beautiful heart-opener and helps cultivate love, forgiveness, and compassion for other people but also for yourself. It's a beautiful stone which is said to help strengthen your self confidence.

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Peach Moonstone for Stimulating Healthy Love

This moonstone is a warm and brightening stone, it can encourage the wearer to be more receptive to blessings and goodness. It is also said to help provide a positive outlook in all situations. This moonstone cultivates a sense of safety and willingness to be vulnerable in a healthy relationship. 

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Pink Tourmaline for Self-Love

The Pink Tourmaline it is believed to carry the virtue of love that is unconditional, as well as everlasting friendship. It is said that Pink Tourmaline radiates the highest levels of love out of all the tourmaline stones.

This is a perfect gift of self-love to yourself!

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Carnelian for Passion & Luck

This crystal is traditionally worn to enhance passion, love and desire. For those who need this crystal, it is said to attract prosperity, new resources and good luck. 

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Ruby for Love

The Ruby stone is for prosperity, passion and love. It can be said to amplify energy and increate vitality, aids concentration and brings a sense of self-confidence and power to the wearer.

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