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Article: Eternity Rings: Power & Symbolism

Eternity Rings: Power & Symbolism

What is the symbolism of an Eternity Ring? Gifting an Eternity ring can be a symbolic meaning of eternal love and is known for being given as a gift on a special occasion.

What kind of special occasion? An anniversary, a reminder of the love that was exchanged on a special day such as wedding day. It is seen as a symbol of a couple’s everlasting love.

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The Eternity ring can also be seen as a representation of the circle of life and can be the reason it’s given as gift when a couple welcomes their first baby into the world.

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Which finger do you wear an Eternity ring? The choice of finger comes down to the individual wearer. An Eternity ring can be worn on any finger, some like to wear it alongside their wedding band and engagement ring. Did you know? The Eternity ring can have as much meaning as both the wedding and engagement and represents as much promise of commitment and love.

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Eternity rings have been a traditional anniversary gift for decades and are the definition of elegance and signifying eternal love between two people.