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Article: 5 Woodland Animals & Their Symbolism

5 Woodland Animals & Their Symbolism

Animals that live in the forest or woodland regions represent freedom and innocence. Read on to learn about the symbolism behind our favourite British Made winter woodland charms.

Shop the Stag Charm & Bambi Charm

The Stag symbolises stamina, instincts, maturity, regeneration, and spiritual enlightenment. Deer represent innocence, kindness, grace, and unconditional love.

Shop the Large Leaping Hare Charm & Small Leaping Hare Charm

The Hare is associated with moon deities and may signify rebirth or resurrection.

Shop the Large Rabbit Charm & Small Rabbit Charm

Rabbits symbolise sensitivity, gentleness, new beginning, and good luck.

Shop the Tiny Bird Charm

Birds are widely regarded as symbols of freedom and eternity due to their ability to soar into the skies. They are also associated with infinite possibilities, renewal and eternity.

Shop the Pig Charm

Pigs are thought to provide you with the gifts of reason, thoughtfulness, fairness, attentiveness, and security.