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Article: Aquamarine: The March Birthstone

Aquamarine: The March Birthstone

March’s birthstone is the beautiful Aquamarine. Associated with courage, loyalty and friendship.

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Aquamarine is the Pisces birthstone, for those with the Zodiac sign of Pisces (20th February – 20th March). The twelfth and final sign of the Zodiac, Pisces is one of three signs ruled by the water element; and with its reminiscence of crystal-clear waters and calming blue skies we can see why aquamarine makes the perfect gemstone for March babies.

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Aquamarine makes a stunning addition to jewellery because of its colour, associated with the ocean and clear seas. Varying in blue colour, from clear blue to slightly greenish blue hues, each aquamarine is completely unique making it such a special gift or treat to yourself.

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The aquamarine birthstone would also be perfect for someone who appreciates the calming properties associated with the stone, or is courageous and loyal by nature.

source: blogbeaverbrooks

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