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Article: Aquarius Season: Connect with your Crystals

Aquarius Season: Connect with your Crystals

The sign of Aquarius, a constellation and one of the 12 zodiac signs in astrology between January 20 to February 18.

 Positioned during the first two months of the year, Aquarius emits a very driven and passionate energy - the exact energy one needs to set their goals in motion for the New Year. During this period, everyone will be exposed to Aquarius energy regardless of their signs.

 Two crystals connected to Aquarius is Garnet the traditional birthstone for January and Amethyst the primary birthstone for Aquarius and those born in February.

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Aquarius is symbolised by the water-bearer, which is represented in Greek mythology by Ganymede, a young man whose beauty so enthralled Zeus that he made him the cup-bearer to the gods and placed him in the sky to represent the constellation of Aquarius. 

The chakras that Amethyst interacts with are the Third Eye, the etheric ones and the crown. This means it enhances psychic abilities, the intuition and the cognitive perception.

Anyone can keep it as a talisman for focusing and tremendous success. Amethyst is also referred to as the “tranquilliser of nature” because it brings about calm and helps with the how the synapses transmit information in the brain.

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Garnet is known for its energetic and restorative abilities. This stone brings about balance, reinforces the energy and protects the aura. While large and plentiful, it can be found in many forms, depending on its mineral base.

Its healing properties and spiritual influences can be determined according to colour, the place where it’s been found, Feng Shui attributions and energies.

Many use it for luck, business success and love and bringing about confidence in oneself.


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Not only having a superb color, this gemstone is also known for its many shapes and for being affordable. It features both cold and warm colors, so when placed on a golden jewel, it looks simply amazing.

This stone protects the spirit and the body, while at the same time it makes the mind clear and helps people stay connected with their own feelings. It is being said that when wearing it, individuals get to know themselves better. At least this is what the ancient Greeks used to believe.

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Garnet is a stone of balance, It focuses people to become oriented towards their goals and to attain success. It is a symbol of triumph, truth, purity, companionship, confidence, and protection.

The glorious red Garnet seems to glow with confidence making it the number one January birthstone for all Aquarians out there.