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Article: Blue Crystals for Summer

Blue Crystals for Summer

To start July off, we wanted to brighten up the start of our month with our blue Crystal & Gemstone jewellery.

 Like the ocean and the sky, blue crystals can be soothing and calming - they're also said to extraordinarily powerful. It's believed that they meaning of the blue cyrstal can represnt clear communication and the honest expresson of you ideas.

Shop the Blue Opal Free Form with Lapis Lazuli Pendant on Biba Chain

The Blue Opals come from Peru, each one is different and natural, we only choose the nicest ones. The Peruvian Blue Opal has soft relaxing energies. Legend says that it takes the tension out of communication and helps ideas flow freely.

Lapis Lazuli is one of the oldest spiritual stones known to man; used by healers, priests, and royalty, for power, wisdom, and to stimulate psychic abilities

Shop the Talia Studs Kyanite Lapis & Apatite

While the name kyanite comes from a Greek word meaning “dark blue,” this crystal actually comes in several colors. Each color of kyanite has unique properties and applications, but it is generally a peaceful, grounding stone.

Blue apatite crystal falls into the category of phosphate minerals and was first named in 1786 by a German geologist. Blue apatite can be found in a number of regions, including Brazil, Madagascar, Mexico and Burma, although the largest deposit is in Russia, in the Northwest town of Kirovsk.

Blue apatite, like many other gemstones, is said to have multiple benefits and holds a great deal of meaning. People have found that it can help with motivation, ambition, self-confidence and self-acceptance.

Shop the Petal Star Cross Enamel Medal Royal Blue

Our Petal Star medal is handmade & ethically sourced, the cross symbol is on the front and the cross symbol is on the back.

Enamel is a natural form of quartz. In simple terms, enamelling involves a glass paste being applied to metal and then heated to fuse it to the surface. The finish of the enamel can be translucent or opaque depending on the temperature used to melt the glass.


Shop the 3 Drop Lapis Lazuli Earrings

Lapis Lazuli is one of the most sought-after stones in use since man’s history began. Its deep, celestial blue remains the symbol of royalty and honour, gods and power, spirit and vision.

The Sumerians believed that the spirit of their gods lived within the stone, while the ancient Egyptians saw it as a symbol of the night sky. Since the earliest of times, lapis lazuli has been associated with strength and courage, royalty and wisdom, intellect and truth.