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Article: Crystals for International Friendship Day

Crystals for International Friendship Day

Every year July 30th, marks International Friendship Day. A day to celebrate those we hold close to us and reflect upon the value of those relationships.

Amethyst is seen for serene and healthy friendships and Lapis Lazuli for communication and connection.

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You can use crystals for friendship to make new buddies or strengthen existing relationships. The best friendship stones are those that support each friend and the connection. A person with a strong sense of personal power and clarity over their emotional needs will build stronger bonds.

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Amethyst is said to activate and cleanse your third eye chakra. Why are Amethysts seen as relevant crystals for attracting friends? That’s because Amethyst is a great stone for self-awareness and awareness of the truth of others.

You’ll be able to connect on a more spiritual level with your friends. When wearing these friendship stones, you’ll find it easier to be open with friends and close ones.

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Lapis Lazuli gems are wonderful crystals to give to friends. These lovely healing crystals for the throat chakra support authenticity and honesty.

Wearing Lapis Lazuli bracelets will encourage clear and honest communication in new or existing ties. Your emotional bonds will be based on clarity of communication. These crystals for friendship support diplomacy and the ability to express things in a compassionate and heartfelt manner.

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