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Article: Earth Day Crystals for Grounding: What is Grounding? How Do You Ground?

Earth Day Crystals for Grounding: What is Grounding? How Do You Ground?

Earth Day is an annual event on April 22nd that celebrates the planet Earth and raises public awareness about environmental issues.

To celebrate today we wanted to share with you our collection of Grounding crystal jewellery to connect with yourself and the EarthBeing grounded means to be balanced, centered, and being connected to the energies of the Earth.

When you are grounding yourself, you have a neutral charge. Your energy becomes balanced, when you are well-grounded, it really helps you keep your energy focused and intact

So what does "Grounding" yourself mean? When you ground yourself it reconnects you to your physical reality. Allowing you to live in the present moment, making a strong physical presence in your life.

Smoky Quartz is known to assist with improving the wearers overall wellbeing,  stability and grounding. It is known to help connect us deeper with the Earth. 

A great way to start off staying grounded & balanced, is to have skin-to-Earth contact, picking up the earth’s natural plethora.

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How about using Grounding crystals? Crystals are great in assisting us when reaching our grounding goals as they are a physical reminder of your intentions and themselves hold properties which you can benefit from. Holding or placing a grounding crystal at your Root chakra or on your feet helps to activate your physical energy. Wearing your Grounding crystal jewellery will also keep you relaxed in the present moment and help throughout your day.

The Smoky Quartz crystal is incredible for grounding. As well as this, it is know to have many healing properties in connection with the Quartz family. Plus, when we are well-grounded it’s also beneficial to us for self-protection, it helps keeps our energy focused & un-scattered.

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How can you ground yourself? Many physical activities can help with your grounding goals. Meditation, Being bare-footed and connected firstly to the Earth's surface, ambling through the forest, walking on the beach or on the grass and being with nature are all great ways to to help ground yourself.

Black Tourmaline is a grounding crystal that balances your root chakra, Black Tourmaline is excellent to use when you need to ground down before meditation or healing. It also energises and focuses your mind.

Did you know when your root chakras are beautifully balanced and in check, this grants you that deep-seated self-confidence to embrace.

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What are the best healing and grounding crystals that you can use alongside your favourite grounding exercises? Black Tourmaline, Black Onyx, Smoky Quartz, Rock Crystal, Obsidian, Tigers Eye, Jasper.

How do you know if you need Grounding? You are feeling unfocused, lethargic, unmotivated, drained. You’ve become indecisive, daydreaming too much and feeling spaced out.

Raw Black Tourmaline is of the earth and every piece is perfectly unique, Yet all hold the that dark inky shade of black. It is also said to be a hugely powerful stone for those who want to wear a constant cloak of protection.

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Do you sometimes feel Ungrounded after meditating? When you have completed your energy healing rituals and meditations, your head can find itself “in the clouds”. You can sometimes find your energy body is floating above your physical body. You are "ungrounded" and misaligned so it's great to realign yourself back to the Earth and the use of crystals can bring you Root Chakra back to your physical energy. 

Rock Crystal is one of the most powerful healing stones. It is known as the stone of power and amplifies any energy or intention. It is said to protect against negativity, connecting you to your higher self.

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