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Article: Easter Symbols & Their Meanings

Easter Symbols & Their Meanings

This springtime holiday brings in lots of different symbolisms for Spring and Easter. Read on to take a look at the interesting Easter symbols and their meanings...

The return of the Robin to the woods indicates the arrival of spring after a dreary winter. The Robin symbolism is linked to the arrival of spring and rebirth. It is also believed to be a sign of spirituality and guidance from your spirit guide. 

It can also be said that if a Robin visits you outdoors, such as landing near you on a walk, it means good luck is coming your way. As the beloved harbinger of Spring, Robin symbolises the end of one phase and the start of a new one.

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The Rabbit almost always symbolises prosperity, abundance, and good luck. The rabbit is a springtime animal, symbolic of fruitfulness and renewal.  Rabbits remind us of our vulnerability and push us to find the strength within ourselves and absorb the spring positive vibes.

The legend of the Easter bunny started with the idea that a rabbit would carry baskets full of eggs to share. That tale has evolved into the modern Easter bunny and associated treats.

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Due to the Squirrel nature, squirrels can be connected with security, industriousness, and patience. 

For this reason, squirrels can be connected to light-heartedness, fun, friendship, laughter, and mischief. Squirrels are reminders that being productive and prepared is important, but that having fun and letting loose is important too.

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The Bee symbolism and meanings include dedication, teamwork, prosperity, and other admirable traits. Because of the hard work and dedication that the Bee symbolises they remind you that with hard work comes rewards. And you should remember to enjoy the fun and sweetness in life.

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