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Article: How to Develop your Intuition

How to Develop your Intuition

each person is unique and different crystals will call to you. If you're working on developing intuition, wearing these crystals or holding them in meditation can help you in that process.

The queen of all crystals, quartz pulls its energy from deep within the earth itself. Strengthening your intuition is one of its many properties, as no other crystal is so adept at storing, absorbing, releasing and balancing all manner of positive energy.

When you hold a piece of quartz, whether it’s a wand, point or a sphere, it attunes itself perfectly to your particular energy and can greatly increase your intuition.


This gorgeous purple stone that is Amethyst has a high spiritual energy and brings insight, focus and emotional balance, all of which help you to open and utilize your intuition.

If you sleep with an amethyst, it will bring you intuitive dreams and can even ease out-of-body experiences. When placed on the third eye, it facilitates scrying. Amethyst can be polished, faceted and worn as jewellery.

This iridescent stone of Labradorite stimulates your intuition and other psychic abilities. It brings information to your unconscious mind so you can end up at the right place at the right time.

It bolsters your faith in yourself and in the universe, which are prerequisites for intuition. Labradorite allows you to be contemplative and introspective and links your intellect with your intuitive wisdom.

The amazing Moonstone enhances intuition and calms emotions. It is a stabilizer and known to help with healing and evolution. There are different varieties of colours but rainbow moonstone is not a true moonstone. They are magical looking with a milky appearance that seems to glow with a colour sheen. The stone is great for helping men get in touch with the emotions and helps women with hormonal balance. The stone helps calm the emotional tides we get from the actual moon. It's good to use on your third eye and you can sleep next to it. This is an especially good stone to use on the full moon because it is said that it's most powerful then. This is also known to help protect you in travel.