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Article: How to Use Crystals to Enhance Intuition

How to Use Crystals to Enhance Intuition

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What is the best crystal for you? It's simple: what crystal are you drawn to? I grew up surrounded by crystals as my mom was a jeweller and sculptor. Fast forward to today and I find myself drawn to raw crystals or slightly polished, but I like them natural with their inclusions from the earth.

I'd always encourage you to first go to the crystal or stone you are drawn to. It can be the colour, the shape, a feeling - follow your intuition. If you can and are patient enough, the next step is to sit with your stone, place it in your hand and ask the crystal what it wants to share with you. Yes you heard me, just ask!

Again, it can be a feeling, a vibration, a colour, a word, an insight, a movement. Now some people will get a response straight away, others will have to practice more.

Every morning, I sit for 10 or 15 minutes with a crystal in my hand to start the day. Sitting quietly is a great way to open the intuition channel and a crystal can help to do just this. I often use a phantom crystal, but this is personal. There are no rules to crystals - simply choose the one you like. It is good to change too, and experiment with different stones.

I especially like grounding crystals when I need to re-focus and Black Tourmaline is one of my favourites. Carnelian, Smokey Quartz and dark brown/red stones are also great for grounding.

For calm, use Amethyst or Black Tourmaline to bring peace, or for inspiration, use Labradorite or Amazonite. Use Green Onyx for creativity and Rose Quartz for love. Want to also attract abundance? Choose Citrine.

It is also important to know where you are getting your crystals from. I only work with people I trust and most of the crystals we use come from Madagascar, Brazil and India. I have personally been to the workshops to see the work in progress and the work environment.

We buy the stones and jewellery components separately and most of our work is done in our London studio, where we carefully choose every stone. We constantly monitor the production line and have a great relationship with our suppliers.

Crystals are a wonderful way to practice and develop our intuition. In a world where everything is about instant gratification, they remind us that a little work, attention and love can go a long way and reap rewards we could not imagine. Play around and experiment with crystals: experiment, get it wrong and get it right. Intuition is a wonderful gift we all have and can develop to great heights!

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