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Article: How to Wear Amazonite

How to Wear Amazonite

This week we are looking into How to Wear Amazonite.

Turn to Amazonite crystals and jewellery for a boost of hopefulness. In addition to its “go-with-the-flow” energy and connection to the heart chakra, the Amazonite crystal healing properties are also associated with the throat chakra, the center of communication and expression.

Black is a simple go-to to make any colourful crystal jewellery pop! Our model is wearing a high neck long sleep black top with the Margaret Amazonite pendant. This combination truly helps bring out the luscious ocean colours of Amazonite that us at Mirabelle love. 

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If you're looking at wearing your crystal jewellery to surround yourself with all its healing & spiritual benefits, while also having it look subtle. Then we suggest wearing white with your Amazonite piece. The bright colours of this stone melt in perfectly with the cool tone of white. 

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Pairing your Amaonzite jewellery with a warm toned outfit will really show off that cooling tone of this stone. Our model is wearing a muted pink long sleeve jumper with the Mary Medal Amazonite. This combination draws your eyes to the ocean blue crystal. 

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If your Amazonite piece is set with a gold chain then wearing cream is a must, this pairing will both bring out the warmth of the gold setting and make the ocean blue Amazonite pop perfectly. Our model is wearing a ribbed cream jumper with the Lottie Amazonite Pendant on a Short Satellite Chain. As you can see cream really brings out the cool and warm tones of this jewellery piece.

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