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Article: Mother's Day Gift Guide

Mother's Day Gift Guide

Get some sentimental pieces with meaning for that special woman on Mother's Day. There's something for everyone, read on to see our Mirabelle gift guide:

Pearls have long been associated with sincerity, loyalty, purity, and truth. They will increase the wearer's ability to be flexible with the ebb and flow of life. Pearls are attuned with the water and moon energies, therefore they aid in connecting with the Goddess, and the female side of the self.​​​​​​​​
They will increase personal integrity, improve and strengthen relationships, and will promote ones nurturing abilities.​​​​​​​​

Shop the Gita Pendant Small Baroque Pink Pearl

Rose Quartz may have been used as a love token as early as 600 BC and is still an important talisman of relationships. It is quite effective in attracting new love, romance and intimacy, or in developing a closer bond with family or friends.

Shop the Magic Crystal Ball Rose Quartz

Legend says that Aquamarine is the treasure of mermaids. It is most powerful as a meditation stone, as it brings a great peace and serenity.  It has a shielding effect on your energy field and has even been used for physical protection during battle and at sea.

The stone is said to help you sift through energy and information, create mental clarity, and soothe an overactive mind; it's even used to improve the intellect.

Shop the Aquamarine Leaf Carved on Biba Chain

Amethyst is a purple crystal whose powerful healing properties can be described as cleansing, calming and transforming. Amethyst heals all levels of the mind, body and spirit.

Shop the Raw Amethyst on Anchor Chain

Wearing a necklace featuring a Cross is a symbol of faith, represents that person's beliefs, and provides comfort in positive energy! A wonderful piece for someone who enjoys symbolic meanings.

Shop the Marta Cross Small Charm Necklace

Green Onyx can aid abundance, growth, renewal, endurance, balance, dependence and friendship. It can be used for relaxation and stimulating creativity.

Shop the Meralda Green Onyx Necklace

The Angel Wing is very special as it is a symbol of angels who symbolize protection, purity, courage, love harmony, and protection. ​​​​​​​​An amazing gift to add to their jewellery collection.

Shop the Angel Wing Charm

Black Tourmaline is a powerful grounding stone. It enhances vitality and balance. Black Tourmaline is deeply connected to the base chakras, those earthly roots that help you to feel safe and secure in your place upon this earth. When your root chakras are beautifully balanced and in check, this grants you that deep-seated self-confidence to embrace who you are

Shop the Black Tourmaline Raw in Cage Pendant and the Black Tourmaline in Cage Earrings

From ancient times, the Ruby signified power and vitality. It has been called "the king of gemstones."  It may impart a sense of bliss, as well as encouraging a desire for life, and it will aid you by helping you to recharge your energy levels. Sapphire has long symbolised truth, sincerity and faithfulness. It is also the birthstone for September, the month when the most babies are born.

Called the “Stone of Successful Love,” Emerald opens and nurtures the heart and the Heart Chakra. Its soothing energy provides healing to all levels of the being, bringing freshness and vitality to the spirit.

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Aqua Chalcedony has the power to align the mind, body, and spirit. This stone also sends feelings of generosity and kindness to you.

Also loved for its resemblance to sea glass and its milky soft aqua color and opaque look.

Shop the Mini Point Aqua Chalcedony Pendant