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Article: New In Blue & Green Crystals for Inspiration & Creativity

New In Blue & Green Crystals for Inspiration & Creativity

It's time to introduce some of our new Blue & Green crystal pieces that will help bring inspiration & creativity into your 2024.

Zircons are said to encourages creativity and inspiration: Wearing zircon is said to stimulate creativity and inspire innovative thinking. It is believed to open the mind to new ideas and perspectives, making it a valuable gemstone for artists, writers, and creative individuals

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Peridot, known for its glimmering green hue, symbolises purpose and focus, and is revered for its summer spirit, good-luck vibes, and ability to instill a sense of calm and safety.

Peridot is also sometimes called The Study Stone, thanks to its innate ability to invite the mind to focus. If you find that when you sit down to do something a thousand threads keep distracting you, this could be the perfect companion to set your mind on getting the job done. This is a gemstone that gives you the focus and energy you need to persevere so matter how taxing a task.

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Turquoise howlite is often associated with healing, peace, happiness, and power. This powerful stone also helps to increase creativity, this healing stone is a great option to use when you are feeling blocked creatively or need help overcoming creative blocks.

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The vibration of Green Onyx resonates with your Heart Chakra. It also has the healing meanings that are inherent to any type of Onyx.Onyx is an excellent stone for stimulating intuitive powers and furthers the quality of sentience. Green Onyx will help you to be more imaginative and creative. It's also a very peaceful and tranquil gemstone.

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