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Article: Our Limited Edition Semi-Precious Bracelets for Everyday

Our Limited Edition Semi-Precious Bracelets for Everyday

Our new semi-precious bracelets are here, perfect for wearing alone or stacking up! Whether you are going out, at the gym or in the water, you can wear these beauties as they are on special elastic. With precious and semi-precious stones, these limited edition bracelets are handmade in France and ready for you to wear at any occasion.

It's a family affair, my sister Valerie designs the bracelets and my sister-in-law Nathalie makes them. Each stone is hand-selected and the bracelets are carefully crafted to make each one unique. 

Shop the Ruby Zoizite Semi-Precious Bracelet

Ruby Zoizite is a mix of opaque red Ruby in green Zoizite from Tanzania, also known as Anyoite. Very much heart-based, the vigour of the green Zoizite will stimulate positive feelings. Opal enkindles optimism, enthusiasm and creativity, and Ruby signifies power and vitality.

Shop the Tiny Turquoise Semi-Precious Bracelet

Turquoise is perhaps the oldest stone in man's history. It is one of the oldest protection amulets, and was also known as a symbol of wealth in many ancient cultures. It is thought to be a symbol of friendship, fortune and peace.

Shop the Peach Moonstone Semi-Precious Bracelet

Wear Peach Moonstone for intuition, insight and love and Ruby for power and vitality.

Shop the Rose Moonstone Semi-Precious Bracelet

Moonstone promotes positive well-being and balance, and can enhance your intuition. Opal enkindles optimism, enthusiasm and creativity. Pink Tourmaline is a stone of love, compassion, emotional healing and self-love.

Shop the Tiny Lapis Lazuli Semi-Precious Bracelet

Lapis Lazuli is one of the most sought after stones in use since man's history began. Its deep celestial blue remains the symbol of royalty and honour, gods and power, spirit and vision. It is a universal symbol of wisdom and truth.