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Article: Rutilated Quartz: It's meaning and where it comes from

Rutilated Quartz: It's meaning and where it comes from

This week it's all about Rutilated Quartz

What is Rutilated Quartz? Rutilated quartz is a variety of quartz containing needle-like inclusions of rutile, a mineral composed primarily of titanium dioxide (with large amounts of iron oxide).

While the quartz in rutilated quartz can be either smokey or clear and sometimes even black, the colour of the rutile inclusions will depend on their iron oxide content. When the iron oxide in rutile quartz is high, the inclusions take on redder and often golden tones. Such inclusions can look like hay or strands of golden hair.

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Symbolically, rutilated quartz is linked with the higher realms. It is thought of as a stone of celestial power, elevating and illuminating the soul, amplifying intention, and enhancing intuition.

Rutilated quartz contains inclusions of the mineral rutile. Golden Rutilated quartz is also referred as a healing stone. Golden Rutilated quartz increases energy levels. In fact, Golden Rutilated quartz also increases the energy of other stones.

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Rutilated Quartz is deemed uniquely attractive because of its fine detail and consequently is often used as a semi-precious stone. This special Quartz is found in Australia, Brazil, Kazakhstan, Madagascar, Norway, Pakistan and the United States.

The name quartz comes from the Saxon word querklufterz which meant cross vein ore. The name rutile comes from the Latin word rutilus meaning red.

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