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Article: The Power Of Opal Jewellery

The Power Of Opal Jewellery

Opal is an extremely precious gem, with lots of variations of colours & looks. Opal is an amazing stone for balance, harmony, and also amplifying your positive powers.

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With the Opals shimmering shades gleaming beneath its surface, the Opal stone is a gem of purity, light and mystery. With its spectral colours shining, It’s a hugely amplifying stone and also known for its connection to fable and folklore. 


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The Matrix Opal varieties occur when opal forms in narrower veins and is cut and polished within the host rock. Boulder opal was first discovered in Queensland, Australia, it can also be found in Brazil and Canada.

Matrix opal is described as a precious stone which holds back the sea-green beauty of the Emerald, a fiery flame of the Garnet and the dazzling purple of the Amethyst. Possessing the virtues of all these gemstones, it is deemed to bring a total spectrum of Light energy to the system and boost up the wearing individual’s spirit to live a joyous life.

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The Blue Opal come from Peru ,Each one is different and natural, we only chose the nicest ones. The Peruvian blue opal has soft relaxing energies. Legend says that it takes the tension out of communication and helps ideas flow freely.

Spiritually, Iolite meanings are rather significant. The stone is known as the 'Vikings' Compass' and carries the spirit of journey, dreams, intuition, exploration and illumination.

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The spiritual meaning of opal is that of hope, purity and truth. It is said to help the wearer for emotional balance, amplifying positive energy, and for helping with clarity and working through challenges.

If your birthday is in October, the Opal gem is one you can connect with. Known for its endless colour combinations select the Opal which is most drawn to you.

Ethiopian Opal is a breathtaking gem, as it said to give the wearer a sense of calmness which in turn serve to encourage faith, loyalty, truth as well purity.

As an opal gemstone, Pink Opal inherently symbolizes protection. Along with other pink gemstones, pink opal represents love, gentleness, and healing. Often referred to as the 'stone of spiritual awakening,' pink opal helps with self-healing and rejuvenates the body and mind.

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