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Article: The Rainbow Gemstone: Tourmaline

The Rainbow Gemstone: Tourmaline

There is a multitude of different colours and shades to be found within the tourmaline family.

An amazing stone for you Libras & Virgos. Tourmaline is believed to promote inspiration and happiness, and build self-confidence among its users.

With an outstanding variety of colours, Tourmaline is a rare gemstone that is referred to as the 'gemstone of the rainbow' as it depicts all the colours of the rainbow.

This amazing stone has derived its name from “Tura Mali”, which is a Singhalese phrase that in English means "stones mixed with vibrant colours".

Tourmaline is a crystal silicate mineral. Tourmaline is an 8th Anniversary gemstone.

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This is a raw stone so it's not cut and is imperfect. That is the nature of a raw stone and why we love them so much - each one is unique! 

Black Tourmaline is a powerful grounding stone. It enhances vitality and balance

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Pink Tourmaline encourages an influx of love, joy, and happiness to fill your life. It has a beautiful energy that vibrates within both the heart chakra and the higher heart chakra.

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Green Tourmaline attracts luck, success, abundance and prosperity. It inspires creativity, and may be used to project, create and manifest one’s goals.

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Tourmaline's many colors are believed to have been conceived from the unique energy flow coming from the rainbow. The mixture of colors streaming within Tourmaline promotes insight, intelligence,  and happiness. Its name comes from the Sinhalese word ‘turmali’ which means unknown stones of different colors.

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