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Article: The Spiritual Significance of the New Moon

The Spiritual Significance of the New Moon

This week we welcomed in the New Moon of February...

 The new Moon is commonly known as a time to initiate beginnings. Something to also be mindful of is that when the new Moon occurs, it not only begins a new cycle, but also ends the phase that came before.

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The lunar calendar is still used in some traditions today, and for many modern-day moon lovers, its energy marks a deeper connection with our intuition and seasonal nature. It is said that working with the new moon gives us an opportunity to regularly check in with ourselves, validate our insights, set new intentions, and plan next steps with greater ease.

Grey Moonstone is called the 'New Moon Stone' and carries the mysteries and powers of the new moon, where all things exist as potential. 

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 This crystal is good for activating your creative and intuitive power of feminine energy which helps you get in tune with your true emotionsThe tranquil energy of the moonstone invites creativity, restoration, and motherly protection.

The new moon is when the moon is at its darkest, and it’s sometimes called the dark moon. New moon energy can be honored the day before, the day of, and the day after the actual new moon.

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 The new Moon marks the beginning of a lunar cycle. This means that there’s a new Moon about once a month once the moon has made a full cycle. 

Considered a stone of the goddess, Moonstone is associated with the moon, the tides, femininity, and the subconscious. It helps sync the rhythms of lunar energy to the rhythms of a woman's body. Also known as a Crown Chakra crystal,  Moonstone calms and encourages as it teaches us the natural rhythms of life, opens the heart to empathy, and assists in the acceptance of love.

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