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Article: The Symbolism of Stars

The Symbolism of Stars

This week we're celebrating International Asteroid Day and have gathered all of our favourite cosmic jewellery. Read on to learn more about the symbolism of stars.

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Stars are often associated with positive messages and metaphors, and often represent purity, good luck and ambitions. They can symbolise new beginnings.

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The North Star is said to be a bright guide for travellers heading north. Positioned at almost the exact sport of the Earth's geographic North Pole, this constant source of light has been used for centuries by sailors and other wanderers navigating the Northern Hemisphere.

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In some cultures, stars are a symbol of divine guidance and protection. In Hinduism, stars are also believed to be the souls of gods or other ancient celestial beings. These beings are thought to be spiritual teachers who help guide others on Earth. To believers of Hinduism, stars also represent femininity, motherhood and angelic beauty, and personify the diversity of creation and its immensity.

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A shooting star has always been used for wishes. Spiritually, it represents being close to reaching your life's purpose or destiny.

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There are many spiritual meanings behind stars. They are typically tied to inspiration, aspiration, imagination, pursuits and dreams. If you dream of a star, that's often considered a representation of your desires, goals and spirit.