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Article: What Is Fair Trade?

What Is Fair Trade?


Fair Trade is a tool for reducing poverty in developing nations.

It's a form of Trade that builds equitable and long-term partnerships between producers in developing regions of the world and consumers in the north.

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Fair Trade guarantees many things including the following :

  • Producers receive a minimum set price for their goods, financial and technical support, healthy and safe working conditions, economic development of their communities, and educational opportunities for their children.
  • Consumers receive excellent products plus the peace of mind  that comes with knowing they are actively addressing poverty, preserving the environment, and promoting an end to child labor.
  • The Planet receives a chance at health and healing since Fair Trade actively promotes sustainable farming techniques, biodiversity, and bird and animal preservation.

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Our Fair Trade collection comprises of jewellery and components made in Bali and Indonesia. We use Recycled Glass, Freshwater Pearls and Semi-Precious stones that have all been ethically sourced.

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