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All British Made Charms

Our charms are 100% British Made and showcase our designs and  original British designs from the 50's, 60's and 70's. Charms are the most wonderful little treasures - moving, opening, working, or static each one is absolutely charming! 


On saleBicycle Charm - Mirabelle JewelleryBicycle Charm
Bicycle Charm Sale price£15.00 Regular price£30.00
On saleTelephone Box Charm - Mirabelle JewelleryTelephone Box Charm - Mirabelle Jewellery
Telephone Box Charm Sale priceFrom £18.00 Regular price£36.00
On salePram Charm - Mirabelle JewelleryPram Charm - Mirabelle Jewellery
Pram Charm Sale price£16.50 Regular price£33.00
On saleSt Paul's Cathedral Charm - Mirabelle JewellerySt Paul's Cathedral Charm - Mirabelle Jewellery
St Paul's Cathedral Charm Sale price£22.50 Regular price£45.00
Teapot Charm - Mirabelle JewelleryTeapot Charm - Mirabelle Jewellery
Teapot Charm Sale priceFrom £52.00
On saleYou Are My Cup of Tea CharmYou Are My Cup of Tea Charm - Mirabelle Jewellery
You Are My Cup of Tea Charm Sale priceFrom £25.00 Regular price£39.00
On saleChampagne Bucket Charm - Mirabelle JewelleryChampagne Bucket Charm - Mirabelle Jewellery
Champagne Bucket Charm Sale price£25.00 Regular price£50.00
On saleTiny Ballerina Charm NecklaceTiny Ballerina Charm Necklace
Tiny Ballerina Charm Necklace Sale price£30.00 Regular price£60.00
On saleArticulated Doll Charm - Mirabelle JewelleryArticulated Doll Charm - Mirabelle Jewellery
Alberta Articulated Doll Charm Sale price£30.00 Regular price£60.00
On saleUmbrella Charm - Mirabelle JewelleryUmbrella Charm - Mirabelle Jewellery
Umbrella Charm Sale price£22.50 Regular price£45.00
On saleLantern Charm - Mirabelle JewelleryLantern Charm - Mirabelle Jewellery
Lantern Charm Sale price£22.50 Regular price£45.00
On saleFan Charm - Mirabelle JewelleryFan Charm - Mirabelle Jewellery
Fan Charm Sale price£22.50 Regular price£45.00
On saleKey in Frame Charm - Mirabelle JewelleryKey in Frame Charm - Mirabelle Jewellery
Key in Frame Charm Sale price£27.00 Regular price£54.00
On saleArticulated House Charm - Mirabelle JewelleryArticulated House Charm
Articulated House Charm Sale price£22.50 Regular price£45.00
On salePharaoh Small Charm - Mirabelle JewelleryPharaoh Small Charm - Mirabelle Jewellery
Pharaoh Small Charm Sale price£30.00 Regular price£60.00
On saleNefertiti Charm - Mirabelle JewelleryNefertiti Charm - Mirabelle Jewellery
Nefertiti Charm Sale price£22.50 Regular price£45.00
Trombone Charm - Mirabelle JewelleryTrombone Charm - Mirabelle Jewellery
Trombone Charm Sale priceFrom £30.00
Trumpet Charm - Mirabelle JewelleryTrumpet Charm - Mirabelle Jewellery
Trumpet Charm Sale priceFrom £38.00
Harp Charm British Made - Mirabelle JewelleryHarp Charm British Made - Mirabelle Jewellery
Harp Charm Sale priceFrom £30.00
Mini Treble Clef Charm - Mirabelle JewelleryMini Treble Clef Charm
Mini Treble Clef Charm Sale priceFrom £20.00
Large Treble Clef Charm - Mirabelle JewelleryLarge Treble Clef Charm
Large Treble Clef Charm Sale priceFrom £25.00
On saleLetter Charm Pendant British Made - Mirabelle JewelleryLetter Charm Pendant British Made - Mirabelle Jewellery
Lucky Penny Charm Sterling SilverLucky Penny Charm Sterling Silver
Clover CharmClover Charm
Clover Charm Sale price£40.00
Infinity Flower MedalInfinity Flower Medal
Infinity Flower Medal Sale price£72.00
Hammered Triangle PendantHammered Triangle Pendant
St Christopher Square Medal - Mirabelle JewellerySt Christopher Square Medal
St Christopher Square Medal Sale priceFrom £25.00
St Christopher Large PendantSt Christopher Large Pendant
Zodiac Medal British Made - Mirabelle JewelleryZodiac Medal British Made - Mirabelle Jewellery
Zodiac Medal British Made Sale price£33.00
Zodiac Rope Frame Medal - Mirabelle JewelleryZodiac Rope Frame Medal - Mirabelle Jewellery
Zodiac Rope Frame Medals Sale price£30.00
Zodiac Ridged Edge MedalZodiac Ridged Edge Medal
Zodiac Ridged Edge Medal Sale price£30.00
Zodiac Barked Edge Medal - Mirabelle JewelleryZodiac Barked Edge Medal - Mirabelle Jewellery
Zodiac Barked Edge Medals Sale price£30.00
Trinity Angel Medal - Mirabelle JewelleryTrinity Angel Medal
Trinity Angel Medal Sale price£30.00
Heart Cross Charm PendantHeart Cross Charm Pendant
Heart Cross Charm Pendant Sale priceFrom £20.00
On saleVictorian Spinner Coin Charm PendantVictorian Spinner Coin Charm Pendant
Victorian Spinner Coin Charm Pendant Sale priceFrom £45.00 Regular price£65.00
Mini Seahorse Charm - Mirabelle JewelleryMini Seahorse Charm - Mirabelle Jewellery
Mini Seahorse Charm Sale priceFrom £30.00
Kundalini Snake Charm 9ct GoldKundalini Snake Charm 9ct Gold
Banjo CharmBanjo Charm
Banjo Charm Sale priceFrom £30.00
Mandolin CharmMandolin Charm
Mandolin Charm Sale priceFrom £20.00
Mini Bee StudsMini Bee Studs
Mini Bee Studs Sale price£35.00
Sold outFiligree Cross XS Charm with AmethystFiligree Cross XS Charm with Amethyst
St Christopher Oval rope MedalSt Christopher Oval rope Medal
Robin Charm on Biba ChainRobin Charm on Biba Chain
Robin Charm on Biba Chain Sale price£78.00
Starfish Charm with pearl on Biba ChainStarfish Charm with pearl on Biba Chain
Carolina Ballerina Charm on Biba ChainCarolina Ballerina Charm on Biba Chain
Fancy Pearl Rosary with Tiny Ballerina charmFancy Pearl Rosary with Tiny Ballerina charm
Clown Dog CharmClown Dog Charm
Clown Dog Charm Sale price£45.00
Filigree Cross XS Charm with RubyFiligree Cross XS Charm with Ruby