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Article: 5 Symbols of Easter & Their Meaning

5 Symbols of Easter & Their Meaning


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Easter is an important holiday to Christians since the celebration commemorates the rebirth of Jesus. However, for some people Easter is a celebration of the spring season too, when people celebrate the coming of a new dawn/season. The word Easter, according to legend, is derived from the Anglo-Saxon goddess Easter, also known as Ostara. The goddess of fertility, she symbolises the rebirth of life and dawn of spring.


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Birds & Eggs
The Egg is a symbol of fertility and a new beginning in spring. In history, eggs have been associated with the world or universe by many cultures. They are used as a symbol for spring since eggs represent new life and a new dawn.

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The Butterfly is an important easter symbol since the Butterfly life cycle symbolises life itself. The caterpillar, which is the first stage, stands for life on earth. The cocoon stage portrays death and burial. The final stage is the Butterfly, which represents rebirth.

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The Cross is an integral part of Easter celebrations. It is a symbol of hope and new life. 

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The symbol of the Rabbit stems from pagan tradition, specifically the festival of Easter - a goddess of fertility whose animal symbol was a bunny. Rabbits, known for their breeding, have traditionally symbolised fertility.