The Symbolism of the Horse


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One of the most present figures in various cultures is the Horse. From a straightforward omen to an emblem of war, the horse symbol is present in most parts of the world.


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General Symbolism
The main symbols that depict the horse are courage and freedom. This majestic animal is a being of power, independence, freedom, nobleness, endurance, confidence, triumph, heroism and competition.


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Celtic Symbolism
Stallion symbolism manifests strongly in Celtic history. For them, this animal is envisioned as their first deity and was a symbol of the Sun. Goddess Epona, the horse-mother, represents their beloved war deity that used to be worshipped all across Rome.


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Eastern Symbolism
White horse mythology in China depicts this animal bringing the Buddhist sutras for the first time, thus introducing this religion in these Eastern parts. The spiritual meaning of the horse was considered to be of courage, integrity, perseverance and power.


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Native American Symbolism
The Horse was considered a spiritual being. Native American horse symbols represented freedom and was their token of war. Tribes that had the most horses were also the ones to win the battles. The horse meaning was of great wealth as well for those who owned the most. They viewed this animal as a symbol of strength, power and stamina, and had a deep respect for it.