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Dentritic Moss Agate Pebble from Madagascar

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  • Moss agate  Pebble with inclusions , the abundance stone 
  • A one off piece from Madagascar 
  • Moss agate invites us to spend time in nature, be curious and create space in our life 
  • A heart chakra stone 
  • Measures 5cm long x4 xm


Moss Agate is a form of chalcedony included in the Agate family. It is a semi-precious stone made from silicon dioxide. Moss Agate has green colored minerals throughout which look like moss. It also has brown or black shades in the patterns. Moss Agate has a meaning that is about uplifting and soothing.

Since as far back as the 18th century, British farmers turned to this stone in the belief that it would attract prosperity to the land. European farmers would hang the Moss Agate stone from the branches of their trees and from the horns of their cattle, believing that this good luck talisman would bring a bountiful harvest.

Moss Agate has always been celebrated as a lucky amulet. When placed among flowers they seem to bloom brighter, when kept in the workplace – business seems to boom, and when carried with you, the streams of abundance seem to flow towards you.