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Gita Pendant with Malachite

Sale price£45.00

  • Gita Pendant with Malachite
  • 22ct Gold Plated Brass
  • On a Simple chain 45cm, gold plated brass
  • The pendant hoop measures 1cm diameter
  • Precious & Semi precious Collection

Malachite is an important protection stone.  Malachite absorbs negative energies and pollutants, picking them up from the atmosphere and from the body.  Guards against radiation and clears electromagnetic pollution.

Malachite was a prominent stone in ancient times. As a copper ore, Malachite was mined to create copper plates and devices. Egyptian Pharaohs lined their headdresses with the green stone. Ancient Egyptians also ground the stone into a fine powder to create a green pigment. This green pigment was used to create eyeshadow, as well as paint for murals. In ancient Greece, it was believed that the Malachite meaning was connected to Venus, the goddess of love. Ancient Chinese dynasties prized Malachite decorative pieces, and Korean dynasties used Malachite powder as paint. 

Besides being used for aesthetic purposes, Malachite was used as a healing stone. According to German lore, it was said that wearing Malachite offered protection from danger and could even warn of disasters to come.