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Rutilated Quartz Point from Brazil

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  • Rutilated Quartz Point from Brazil
  • Measures 6.5cm x 4 cm, Base 2.5 cm 
  • The base is not included

Rutilated Quartz is actually Clear Quartz that is riddled with needle-like pieces of Rutile, which is a mineral made of Titanium Oxide. Chemicals included in the stone's composition are silicon dioxide which forms the Quartz, and titanium dioxide which forms the rutile needles. Rutile is also called "The Hairs of Venus". These Rutilated Quartz Points carry a very high vibration and are perfect energy tools to use during meditations.

Channelling Crystal

The main front face is large and seven sided. Its opposite, rear face is a smaller triangle. Channelling crystals are an excellent example of how the properties of numbers relate to the metaphysical properties of crystals. Seven indicates wisdom and mysticism. Three indicates understanding what previously appeared irreconcilable, by the introduction of another factor/deeper vision. This vision "surfaces" as the triangle is the manifestation of a surface from a line in geometric progression. The combination of the numbers 7 and 3 always indicates a movement (3) of wisdom (7).

Channelling crystals are one of the most accessible healing stones, are extremely easy to work with and relatively common. Their properties facilitate a connection between our conscious mind and innate wisdom, as well as other planes of existence.