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The Grounding Set with Black tourmaline, Petrified wood and Smokey Quartz

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  • The Grounding Set  for a busy life
  • Set of 3 stones
  • left is a black tourmaline
  • Right is a petrified wood
  • Center front is a smokey quartz
  • Each stone measures about  2/ 2.5 cm to  be able to nicely hold in your hand , to carry around or as decoration

The Black Tourmaline protects against negative energy by absorbing it into itself and transforming it into positive vibrations

Petrified wood crystal has long been associated with spiritual growth and transformation. This type of stone can help to ground the wearer, connecting them more deeply to the Earth’s energy.

The warm, grounding nature of Smokey Quartz can help you let go of frenetic energy and embrace something calmer and more supportive.